Summer in town is quite hot. Plants are suffering although the watering twice a day and the flowers at home are not easy to maintain. But I don’t give up, there’s always a décor style for every season, for every month, wherever you are, whether you’re at the sea, in town, in campaign or in the mountains…

Today I’ll tell you how to handle your chic style in town with a minimal touch with cactus and succulents.

The other day I was around to the stores and running errands, and I promised myself not to buy anything for the house, since the projects ongoing… but I’ll talk about them on the next post.

So going around I saw these 2 cactus in the picture, the green and the white one and I’ve enlightened myself.

They would have been perfect on my coffee table in terrace, but being small they needed a backup and I looked for something to match in the same style and I found these appetizer plates (or whatever use you want to do of it), I found them perfect for the matching I had in mind, the leaves of the prickly pear.

Green in this period in town is perfect, plus being the result of the sense of calm emanated by blue with the energy infused by yellow is surely a color that gives us benefit only watching it.

I match it to a minimal white style, or I see it perfectly with a beige palette or with ecru linen. Matching other colors is easy; it’s hard that some color won’t go with green or other fantasies.

If you have floral cushion they’re perfect, so do stripes which are trendy or dots.

The other night I matched them with floral yellow and fuchsia buckets and the effect was nailed-it.

Remember that prickly pears have similar colors, yellow red and orange, so everything is okay.

Dare and be ready to create your style.

On Cactus Style there are sofas, cushions, stamps, chandeliers, objects for the kitchen… and here remains only to play with fantasy to create that environment that we love the most.

For a quick and lasting solution you can create a centerpiece with succulents that you can put in winter under a window or a kitchen.

On Pinterest you can find hundreds ideas and tutorial to make it on your own.

An Idea that I saw a while ago and that I really liked is that of inserting inside translucent vases of different height and dimensions, some cactus plants, and instead of using soil using pebbles.

Some time ago I made a composition with candles and I used little stones pouches taken from Ikea.

Let’s get you inspired… summer is the slow moment also for this, let’s look around, change something and enjoy this season.

Succulents and cactus are more and more used for summer parties, for marriages, for bouquet and centerpiece.

A year ago a made a course of Floral Design, always for passion, we had a lot of varieties of flowers and succulents and in my floral bouquet I thought of inserting succulents. The result was nice.

You can see it in this Board that I made as a summing up of the course.

If you like flowers and plants is a course I recommend to do.

Now there’s so much choice and a lot of garden centers organize this type of activity also with kids. In May, the nursery where I always furnish myself, organized this activity in the weekend to create orchids compositions.

Look for something new, learn new abilities, change dress also in our house, it’s easy, we only have to open the drawers of fantasy and dirt our hands.

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert