This is the perfect time to open terraces and to regenerate the outside spaces of our homes. The arrival of Spring season, as well as making us feel in a good mood, makes our days better with the colors and the lively atmosphere of open air.

Living the house enjoying the outdoors is magic and relax at the same time and in this article I’m going to suggest you how to design your garden or your terrace  in a great style as an extension of your interior spaces. Personally, living outdoor moments energizes me a lot during summer time. To be sincere, I am already thinking about enjoying lunches on the terrace “breathing” the Spring atmosphere.

Here you are an essential detail: no matter how big your exterior is. Remember that taking care of the spaces you have (even small spaces) is essential because it can be set up with Style and refinement. For example, you can carefully arrange furniture and plants to make even a small courtyard livable and functional.

Let’s now see in detail some practical tips for the set-up.

– Design the outdoor space according to the purpose for which it’s intended: you can do that by giving as much space as possible to its function. For example, a children’s play area, a green garden area, a convivial space for meeting friends and so on. By expanding the dedicated space, the exterior will take the right shape and will create the desired effect.

– Paving gardens and terraces: 

Decide immediately what you prefer between the flooring and the lawn. In case you want both, remember that you can have both in the same space.

– Maximum attention to furnishings: 

It is preferable that they are off the lawn, not to risk to ruin them. Avoid paths and narrow lanes: whatever the size of your garden is, they would make the garden unlivable. Passages must always be free and wide, as well as spaces near the doors: they must be kept free from giant vases or imposing vegetation.

– Small-sized garden: 

The most effective strategy to maximize small spaces is to line up vases and flower beds on the same side. About floor and furniture, I suggest you to select them possibly transparent to give a sense of width. About plants instead, I think that the climbing ones are ideal, perfect for giving color without oppressing the environment. In small exteriors, it’s preferable to avoid the lawn, but using flooring with decorative outdoor floor tiles or the cheaper gravel.

– Dividing large spaces into areas: 

In larger spaces you can set up different dedicated areas, such as the barbecue area or the relaxation area where you can add a comfortable rocking chair. I have it too on my terrace and it’s definitely lovely to enjoy during relax moments. For all those who have a big passion for the hammock, it’s definitely a stylish and a relaxing alternative at the same time.

– Large-sized garden with a regular shape: 

It’s extremely important to arrange the plants along the perimeters of the garden with the furnishings in the center or on the bottom of it. If the environment is modern, a good idea could be to add a sculpture. Alternating paving with the lawn is perfect: it’s a great choice even if it requires more maintenance. A style detail can be an outdoor fireplace, so that you’ll be able to organize a magical evening outside (even in winter) to amaze your guests.

With these suggestions I shared with you in this article, you can create exteriors of any size in perfect Style, with taste and elegance at the same time.

See you next time, with Style… definitely Yours!

Viviana Grunert