And now that finally summer has arrived, colors are getting high as much as the temperatures.

This post is dedicated to the Flamingo mania, Flamingo Style or Flamingo Fever, now rampant, it’s a real trend that in summer you can’t ignore and indeed in this period we find it everywhere.

In fashion: dresses, bags, shoes and also jewelry… USB drives, cups and home accessories, beautiful wallpaper, you name it. A while ago happened to me a proposal of a Flamingo cocktail but I haven’t guessed on the ingredients, so I couldn’t deepen.

Summer parties are a must; the most beautiful I saw were the ones with the Tropical Flamingo, with big emerald leaves and a flamingo that remains the protagonist.

You can find the picture on the right top of the Board.

The Flamingo party, besides, is really easy to organize, I tested it last year when the school closed, for a party at home with Luna’s friends and I reorganized by popular demand some days ago. The material to get is so simple, by now the Flamingo fantasy is everywhere, in fashion but also in décor, as I told you. For this party at home I matched also some skirts and flower necklaces for the girls, so a mix of a Hawaiian and Flamingo party. This is to give you different ideas inside the same theme and you can also use more elements in more occasions mixing them differently.

But as I was telling you the real trend of this year is using the Flamingo also in the interior and not only for a summer Party.

The elements that characterized the insides are more and more. But the beautiful thing is to see this fantasy is different declensions and shades. It’s not true that they are only fuchsia, they are being used also in the minimal style… I saw different total white insides, or with wood details in some cases, and despite all this some flamingo bursts in the style and is predominant.

Or also the wallpaper I put in the board that I really like, is stylized, with taste, less boring because the motive doesn’t repeat in the usual pattern, elegant and for a chic environment, it looks hand-painted. These papers can be bought at Wall&Decò, a website to consult for effect wallpaper, online you find the contact references.

In the board I put another example of how to match the Flamingo style in the interior, this time for a kid’s bedroom with a pink shade that I really like, very romantic.

The wallpaper has the cover duvet matched by Laura Ashley, an English website where you can find particular things, slightly seen and of good taste, of this series there’s also a lamp, a curtain and some other accessories. I recommend it if you’re looking for something original. It has other fantasies that are trendy. Here you can create a total look if you like.

My advice is to do not more than a wall, generally the headboard and the duvet, but this subjective.

Also the famous brand Moet and Chandon dedicated a limited edition Flamingo to their champagne rose. Adorable! Another touch to give to our table… sometimes few details can do the difference. Remember?

Well maybe in this case I’d do an aperitif in jungle style with green leaves and I’d put only a bottle as a ‘Flamingo’ element. I really like that.

Imagine an appetizer in terrace during summer, I guarantee you it has impressive.

As much as the things for this party that you see in picture are concerned, I bought them from Tiger last year, as I told you, other things from Coin and Rinascente, as the tropical leaves, but don’t underestimate Sia, Zara Home and Maison Du Monde, the season details are everywhere, you just need to find them.

If you are patient you can try to create some Flamingos, there are beautiful tutorials and on Pinterest lots of ideas to copy and share to make your table very original.

Now I’m waiting for your pictures of your Flamingo Party and the details at home.

Viviana Grunert