I’ll anticipate a real Trend destined to make shiver until the last of Flamingos, a trend that is killing not only in objects, décor and fashion but also in food.

I’m talking about the Unicorn Mania or Unicorn Fever. Even here, trend is rampant.

Even Starbucks dedicated a Unicorn Frappucinos, but surprises just started.

There are 2 variants at the theme: Unicorn or Rainbow Unicorn, indeed I’ve made two Boards, of which one of presentation on my Facebook page, for a theme that is the same.

One has rainbow colors or the rainbow with the Unicorn and the other has pastel colors, more on pink, green and blue. The matching that I prefer is the one with white and gold details.

Obviously what I put in the Board are choices I’d use, and that I particularly like, but online and on Pinterest you can find anything and unleash your fantasy.

A website where I swore to buy some things in September is troppotogo.it, it has some new original décor elements and something useful in daily life.

It has a Unicorn section, the inflatable you see in the Board, they sell it there.

At home I’m an expert and not only for décor in this case.

Luna, since she was a kid, is a passionate for Unicorns, she has a lot, especially stuffed animals of different shapes, one we keep it in the living room on the chaise long because it’s too big, and now it has become a really element of furniture since lots of years. Our friends can confirm.

Currently I find her anti-slip that you see in the picture, rather than pens and little stuffs.

trend unicorn decor

But the very interesting thing is décor.

I find the kid’s room a magic world where this theme is perfect. If 2 years ago would have been all these things, we would have chosen this theme for Luna’s bedroom.

For a reason, last year, we painted her room changing thing, took of the wallpaper and painted lilac with a horse on a carousel that I bought her on an English website, really big. The room’s colors are perfectly in theme.

If you’re interested I’ll show you.

But anyway, in the Board you find an example of a kid’s bedroom, the important are colors and some Unicorn elements will do the rest. But as you can see you can find cushions, cups, carpets or creating some wall boards to hang with tutorials on Pinterest.

In case of a little boy you can use green and blue, or creating a rainbow wall and insert some cloud elements such as lamps and pillows, and a good unicorn. But even just a cushion that speaks of Unicorn as the one in the picture will make the difference.

You don’t need dozen of elements, instead, less is good, unless is a real passion as Luna.

Also Unicorn Parties are amazing, I must say that biscuits and macarons in theme are marvelous, and the round cake decorated with eyes and the corn, is simple but chic, I find it beautiful not only for kids.

Who knows, maybe further, if I’m inspired I’ll make it too.

unicorn mania

Why am I saying it’s a trend destined to last?

Because it doesn’t have season.

Because as you can see, it’s good in summer, but also in winter since colors can be coupled with everything, in all variances.

Unlike the Flamingos, it doesn’t have season, plus fuchsia in winter is not so used and not everyone loves it in interior.

Why do I love it?

I love it because I love everything that emanates magic, that makes me dream, that is romantic, and the Unicorn contains all this and more.

Plus, I always taught my daughter that it’s true what we believe in, it’s our reality. So unicorns for her really exist.

Some days ago I found an article on La Repubblica that said that in Marche, on the Sibillini mountains precisely, it was seen a unicorn.

L'unicorno esiste davvero

How is that possible?

Maybe a young venison with a mutation, said the article… or maybe who knows, maybe they do exist. You can find the article and read it, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

So don’t take everything for granted and add a little magic to our daily life.

Everything always with your details of style.

Ps: have you noted that also WhatsApp put a new emoticon with the unicorn?

Viviana Grunert