August means Summer, holidays, free time…but there are so many people who have chosen to remain alone in the Cityduring this period of the year in which, on the contrary, would seem to evoke the escape from hot temperatures, for all those who work or simply for all those who don’t like holidays into sea towns.

There are a lot of benefitsin living cities without traffic,with schools closed and with many possibilities to enjoy your free time in an alternative way.

This is the reason why I’ve selected for you some useful and interesting activities for summer time and from which you can take inspiration enjoying amazing moments.

  • Go to the pool, to the sea or to the lake: whatever is the nearest location, treat yourself the possibility to get a trip for half a day or for the whole day exclusively for you and your relaxation.
  • Visit exhibitions and art galleries (in which you can also take advantage of air conditioning): as you know, temperatures are very high in summer and sometimes taking refuge into an oasis of culture that also guarantees healthy refreshment is a really good alternative to spend your free time.
  • Watch a movie or enjoy a theatrical performance outdoor: during summer outdoor cinemas or suggestive theatrical performances are often played during the night.
  • Read books that you’re waiting for since a long time: rythms are slower in summer, days are longer and it is also possible enjoy our reading during the evening, on the terrace for example.
  • Make creative works: repaint a furniture, restore a new trunk…make that decoupage work that you’ve started during the year, but that you have never completed…all those creative and imaginative works that with the right inspiration can become little artwork!
  • Do riding lessons: if you love nature or if you just want to try a different activity, horse riding is another good alternative to enjoy the nature in the City or just outside.
  • Aperitif on the terrace: happy hour is definitely a must during the summer, but you can make them original with the specialty of a terrace with a panoramic view or just your terrace, which you have prepared with lights and many candles (citronella it could be better).
  • Walk or make jogging at open air: whether it’s a park, a sports club or even a bike ride, it’s a different way to play sports, release tension and regenerate yourself. It could be a good idea play that at the end or at the beginning of the day, with the sparkling air that puts us in a good mood.
  • Do pilates or yoga: to the beach or open air, these are another kind of healthy activities that can be done all over the year and that in summer revitalizes the senses through breathing and soft work, but at the same time of great energy release.
  • Barbecue on the terrace: with high temperatures cooking is not the best thing to do, so we often choose cold and fast dishes. That’s the reason why a funny barbecue, with family and friends, remains a convivial and pleasant way to have dinner under the stars.

These tips are a tribute to your inspiration, so…Happy Summer, always with Style!

Viviana Grunert