Today I want to talk about something strictly personal.

Yesterday has been our wedding anniversary, the 12 to be precise, and we celebrated it at our favorite restaurant in Rome.

Why do we always go back to the same restaurant?

Because if I’m celebrating something special, I want to be in a beautiful place but I also want to feel at home, where when I come they cuddle me, they make me feel special and they can accomplish all my desires.

For year, 7 July we always have the same table in first row in terrace, and it’s true that the view is always the same and still is Rome, but to me time stops from there, there’s an incredible silence despite having a chaotic city at the bottom, and the feeling is that we are alone and everything we want in that moment is possible.

Food is incredible and so is the service. But nothing is above the attention that holds for us when we arrive.

And for me there’s nothing more beautiful that letting be cuddled in special moment and especially, since I’m a perfectionist and control maniac, release me and being that everything will be perfect, that I don’t have to think about anything and that something is taking care of me and of the people I love, better than I can do at table.

So I wanted to share this thought with you, of how feeling at home is more important than the rest, at least for me.

To know new places and tastes we have all the year. But for the important dates I want to play it safe.

What do you think about it?

Is it better to change place every time or do you prefer the safety to feel at home for the important occasions?

Ps: the picture doesn’t have filters and that pink sky at the sunset yesterday night was so incredible that I wanted to share it with you.

Viviana Grunert