A goal is a dream with a deadline!

The end of December is coming… the end of the year, and since a couple of days I’ve been thinking about the goals I’ve written for this year, about all those that I achieved and those that instead were left hanging on the wall of my studio.

I don’t know about you, but I really overloaded this year, and I often felt overwhelmed, oppressed by myself, about the commitments I have given myself.

A 2017 of real changes, interior and exterior.

A year where I decided to entirely change a lot of dynamics of my life and also to reward me a little more.

And now that are missing a few hours to the end, I look back and I see that time has flown, but I’ve done a lot, and I’m happy!

I give me a big pat on my shoulder and for the first time and want to say to myself “Good job, Viviana!”. Just recently a friend of mine told me this, to give me a pat on the back sometimes, because we do a lot, as moms, as women, as entrepreneurs and also as dreamers. And we constantly look at all the things to do and never to the many bricks we made up to that moment.

In these last hours of the year my wish for you is to look back at the last year and to give yourself a prominent pat on the shoulder for what you’ve done, for all the mistakes you’ve made and the experiences you’ve learned.

Only with our little, big box of 2017 we can face another great year that is smiling in front of us.

Viviana Grunert