September has already flown and here we are officially entered in the Autumn.

Yes…because as I had already said the meteorological fall begins on the 1st of September, instead the astronomical autumn begins today, September 23rd, with the autumn solstice.

While in summer we take care of the outdoor and outdoor spaces very much, in the fall the days get shorter, and with them even the hours of light decrease and we rediscover the interior of our homes pleasantly.


Personally, on sunny days, I still like to eat out on the terrace for lunch, Rome always gives us some wonderful days until late October and this year we were particularly lucky because the autumn season did not come so shortly, the which one that makes us light the oven and throw us already think about Christmas…but it will come and we’ll be ready.

During the week lowering temperatures are expected and here comes the time to review the cushions on the sofa, a plaid that will keep us company in the evening watching TV and in our moments of relaxation and candles …

You already know how much I love candles and how they create a magical atmosphere.

It takes little to create our home SPA and the magical and relaxing atmosphere that we see in the pictures and in the movies, and much depends on the light we are going to recreate and to modulate.

It ‘s time to buy our best selections of favorite types of Tea, for those cozy and cuddly afternoons, accompanied by a quick homemade cake.

Don’t think that I’m a cook who knows how to cook very well, but you need just a few basic recipes and the Bimby that kneads and here it is a plumcake or a simple cake homemade for our family ready to be eat on the table.

Let’s play with textiles, even these must be soft and comfortable, to the touch but also to the sight.
For a Scandinavian atmosphere I recommend a clear and neutral palette, otherwise jumbled up with the colors of the season ranging from forest green, to pink peony and the blue octane.

Even the pastel shades are cozy and create a relaxing atmosphere, greatly softening the atmosphere.

For materials I recommend wood, marble, pink gold for metals, velvets and knits.

I just have to give him a sweet welcome in great Style! Welcome Autumn!

Viviana Grunert

Pic By Viviana Grunert
Pic By Pinterest