A month or so ago the idea of ​​putting the To Do List online with which I organize my time and my days was born, obviously all seasoned by my flowers that are now my trademark.

Almost never been able to find some material online and in stationery that I really liked I decided to make a line of mine…and this is only the beginning, I promise you!

I have many ideas in mind but since we are close to the holidays in the meantime I decided to go online with the material downloadable in PDF, so you can have them immediately in your email, can print them and start immediately to put it black on white.

I decided to make this last minute project but I had the great support of Carolina Carrelli who created the graphics for me. My ideas together with her graphics have created these Flower To Do List which I’m very proud of.

If you like me are a very busy woman, taken from the house, from the family and from a thousand daily jobs, you already know that time is precious, and in these years I realized how much good organization and time management has literally saved my life.

Since my blog Dettagli di Stile was born (www.vivianagrunert.it) I have always thought of my own home line, but already having the Blog and publishing constantly if not daily on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, was a ‘true’ work to be combined with all the rest.

My organization and time management allowed me to do it by not taking time away from the rest, on the contrary, and the people around me constantly asked me how I could do everything. Hence the idea of ​​sharing my “Flower Todo List”, to have more time for yourself and your loved ones with the power and beauty of the Flowers!

Everything comes from my passion for the house.

As an interior designer I have always helped customers to make their home a dream environment and at the same time unique and personalized.

Equally I’ve still given my best to take care of my house and everything that goes around it.

From my first years as an entrepreneur I studied time management, work for objectives and the Focus and I built a Todo List system.

Without it, I would never been able to organize myself. So much so that when my daughter was born and I had to restructure my enterprise and my work according to my priority, the monthly Millionaire dedicated an article to me: “5 secrets of a Top Manager from home”.

Bruno editore viviana grunert

So over the years I created a series of lists tailored for me and for my various roles, from entrepreneur, mother and woman with the total management of the house and the needs of the family. All seasoned with a unique element: flowers.

Flowers are the identifying element that has always distinguished my life and my work, I use them so much at home, I recommend them to my clients and especially when I decided to launch my Blog and my online Brand I chose flowers as graphic element.

And from here I created the Flower Todo List, which will help you to manage your time better, as they did with me, and will guide you to reach all your goals.

“Time is the most precious element we have. Don’t waste it by living someone else’s life ”
Steve Jobs

Viviana Grunert

– VG Flower Studio –