I want to talk about this new Trend Décor of autumn 2017: The velvet style!

The couture runway, is well known, is leading the law in décor and in the insides, which are more and more sartorial.

And this fall, as we know, velvet is the king of textiles.

Elegant, brilliant, used in different colors… from mauve to green, typical colors of this fall’s palette, to dark blue, Bordeaux, red, pink pastel and also black.

Gaetano Pesce several years ago signed his famous line of unstructured sofas: La Michetta, name inspired by a typical Milanese bread, in different shapes and dimensions, and since then, circa 10 years ago, among the textiles for the collection there was velvet.

Duty-paid the velvet for classic and 90’s vintage environments, it returns with a strong and predominant character perfectly putting in all settings. From the French style, with plaster on the walls, to the modern and contemporary style, to minimal, but also to the historical and luxury household, to which it perfectly matches.

The textiles are more and more wanted, often they are very soft and at the same time practical stain repellents, and surely less delicate than the first velvets we were used to when we were little. Often, we find them combined with silk; the velvet with silk inside issues more sheen and promotes an excellent recovery of the fold, alternatively velvets of cotton or velvets of wool. Everyone has a particular technical performance.

I’ve just recommended to one of my clients, for the restyling of the living room, a silk velvet sofa and I’ve documented so that it was practical to handle in daily life and not only beautiful to see.

The search of a style at home is represented by different factors and it can never miss the lifestyle that has the housekeepers.

It doesn’t exist the living room of representation, with covered sofas as the in the past, where you stepped by only in the moment to receive guests or in controlled feasts.

Nowadays homes are made of daily life, of homecomings, of enjoying a fireplace from the sofa or from the chaise long… of having an appetizer with some friends and of spending the night seated all together, and for this reason you must think of it as a beautiful surrounding, but above all as a place where comfort is sovereign. 

Velvet, as much as comfort is concerned, is like no other feeling, especially if you choose long hair of 4mm, instead of middle 2mm.

Pleasant to touch, comfort and luxury style are its main characteristics, everything we need in autumn… what do you think about it?

Until the next time… with style! Yours!

Viviana Grunter