Ultra violet 18-3838: love or just a moment of passion?

It’s a shade of vibrant violet, the color that Pantone has chosen for 2018 is very intense and also a little bit magic.

For many it’s a superstitious color, you do not wear it at the theater because it is said that brings bad luck to the artists. Instead it’s a must for a lot of people, even Queen Elisabeth wore it in a total look in unsuspecting times.

In fashion we have seen every shade, but what about Décor?

How do we use the Ultra Violet and above all: Where?

In color therapy violet quells the states of chaos, it’s meditative and it is said it favors inspiration.

Having it at home promises benefits not only to sight but also to the mind.

My advice is definitely to be careful where you go to insert it. I would certainly use it in a rather bright room, and no more than one wall.

It’s perfect in every environment.

Touches of violet in the kids’ bedroom, in our bedroom, in the bathrooms and even in the kitchen.

I could see a hallway totally violet, suggestive and original, and the lighting must be warm.

In the interior of our homes I don’t particularly love the mono-colour and although it matches perfectly with black and white, which is more elegant and sober and also easier to insert if you do a DIY, I suggest you to match it with yellow but also emerald.

Red is not bad at all, because violet is a color that comes from red, but I would use it only in the complements and not in the furnishings. I’d rather see Bordeaux with it.

Instead if you want a stylish and sober effect but you are vulnerable and you want to change often like me, in that case run wild with pillows, curtains and coverlet…a neutral habitat with our details of style is always a good idea!

Playing with details never makes you wrong if you had insecurities. So… DARE!

For example play with new plates with some shades of Violet.

Don’t forget that Ultra Violet appears ethereal and elegant also combined with grey, but it’s not so easy to handle, you need help to balance it and not create an ambience that looks elegant, but dull.

So…summing up, you just have to understand if the color is fancy to you and if you love it so you can marry it for at least a few years, or insert it at home as in a wind of passion destined to last a few seasons. 😉

Now, it’s up to you… with Style.

 Viviana Grunert