Tom Dixon and Ikea, the first collection together!

In February 2018 the new DELAKTIG collection will be on sale at Ikea stores, “involvement” in Swedish, a very special collection because signed by Tom Dixon, a famous Britain designer who worked with big brands.

The Delaktig series was created to give great versatility and flexibility to the spaces, but also variability to the sofa that you’re going to insert, to give you an example: it will be possible to change from the entire lining to the cushions, to the backrests, adding armrests, a lamp, a small table in order to create unique spaces, just for us!

Collezione Tom Dixon Mobili Ikea

The idea is that of a white canvas to personalize to our liking that lasts over time…

On the Ikea website you can already find a video with different ideas to find inspiration, but my advice is to insert the piece that is most for you.

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert