Yesterday afternoon I came across the new Tiffany shop in piazza Duomo in Milan.

The shop has been inaugurated 11 July 2017 and the whole environment is in Deco Style, elegant and super chic.

With elegant sofas and stylized velvety cushions. Glass and marble wrap the whole space.

Besides we were invited to a cup of bubbly in the lounge dedicated to the clients that has walls covered in taupe-y wood and chopsticks sky land in gold.

Viviana Grunert boutique Tiffany Milano

Here I discovered some curiosities I want to share with you!

Do you see that mirror I photographed and put in the Board?

It takes up a window that really exists in the shop, same design and same dimensions; it’s obviously prior to the renovation and it looks directly at Piazza Duomo.

But the incredible news concerns Tiffany’s founder.

Do you know where this particular color named Blue Tiffany comes from?

From robin’s eggs…. Well yes, they are exactly this color

Uova pettirosso color Tiffany

And what has the founder Louis Comfort Tiffany done?

He patented the tone used by Pantone, with color space PMS 1837, that is the year of Tiffany’s foundation.

An incredible and innovative vision is patenting a color, for the time, we’re talking about 1837.

But talking about this precious Boutique, details are well done and the staff is very kind… if you happen, take a walk and look at this beauty, where nothing is left to chance, neither the books on the coffee table!

Viviana Grunert boutique Tiffany Milano

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert