To welcome the New Year with the right calm and a little bit cuddles, the Cozy Style is what you need, with its warm soul, also essential to live better the living dimension during the winter.

With the arrival of cold, our habits and needs change, we feel the need of more cuddles, more attention to daily details to take care of ourselves even at home and this Style is a great inspiration that I recommend you and it can be used with extreme versatility and simplicity at home, in every home.

Cozy is comfort, and its essential feature is to reproduce regenerating corners where to release stress and accommodate relaxation, to recharge ourselves of power and energy feeding our creative side in the free time, once exclusively ours, which in winter we enjoy for the greater at home in front of a good book, a worm bath, a cup of hot tea and why not, in the company of a pet friend and the people we love.

The living area is not only the protagonist of every home, but also the most suitable for Cozy Style furniture. The sofa dominates the scenery with its plaid in soft colors of wool and cashmere and the rest of the environment can be regenerated with scented candles, with beautiful wicker baskets to be used based on the type of home as a wood or magazine rack, or comfortable footrests pouf or space-saving, all to feel at ease, releasing wellness for body and mind. The idea is to create a welcoming environment to take a break as soon as we are able to free ourselves from daily tasks and duties.

Unmissable the reinterpretation of the bedroom, regenerating environment for excellence.
We can cuddle you with many pillows, furniture rigorously tone-on-tone together with wide tricot blankets, essential to make the moment of awakening as magical as that at the end of the day.
Refined and super-pampered even the New Zealand woolen carders to cheer our Good Morning!

Even the colors accompany the change of season, so even at home we pass from the bright colors of summer to the delicate nuances of cream and vanilla tones, to the notes of gray, taupe and even the soft pink, almost imperceptible and extremely refined.

Another essential element of this Style are the details of light, create the atmosphere with the right lighting with wires of lights both from the wall and along the perimeter of the furniture to give that magic touch more, the warm light of the candles on the coffee table will make the rest.
Our mind and spirit will be regenerated even if we can take short breaks.

Now it remains only to choose the readings and fix up our favorite books at hand, and bring out our favorite cups that will wait patiently to be filled with our best selection of tea or good hot chocolate, but background music, and a mask with an enlightening face will do the rest, because they are of the idea that with a few tricks and ‘Dettagli Di Stile’ we can make 2019 our best year.
Let’s start from here then …

Have a good start of 2019 in Cozy Style..definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert