Yeah, tomorrow we’re leaving and as always I still have to do my case.

In my general organization the cases are always a big dilemma… I see the forecast and I take half my closet and I try to put in 23 kg of weight that they let me bring on the plane, and generally the suitcase is took apart twice before being definitive.

Given that despite doing intercontinental travels after year it’s clear that pretty much in all the sea places where I’ve been there were solar, insect repellents, hats and sarongs and just enough for a relaxing travel… but with the passing of years I accepted myself for what I am and I’m not for a hand luggage!
When I met Giacomo, I perfectly remember that the first weekend we left together, he came to pick me up and I had 2 suitcases, I still remember his face.

At the beginning he was hesitant, but then he said: it’s just 3 days in Nice, what have you brought?
Maybe he thought I wanted to move out, so I immediately calmed him that I just brought something if it snowed, I don’t know you, but I always think: I bring also this because who knows… the second suitcase were just shoes. I’m still laughing. However he didn’t leave me home and this says a lot.
The 2 suitcases lasted 3 years, and then it happened the magic, the one called “summary”, I’ve been able to do a case putting shoes inside. In this step my self-esteem grew up… but they still were 23 kg for 3 days.
My affliction has always been the perfect suitcase, so I read each blog and every website who talked about it, coming to the conclusion that I’m like that, I love waking up in the morning, wherever in the world, opening the closet and wearing what I want to, to discover that I left it at home and wearing a t-shirt and a jeans.
While I write I laugh, because in front of me I have an open case, which asks for mercy and I think I could bring only some short jeans and tops, 3 or 4 bikinis and some caftan. But it wouldn’t be me!

However I improved with years: now 23 kg for 8 days: wow!!!

That being said, I’m sorry if I have been a little long, but I also have my strategy of suitcase, which is not about wrapping and framing clothes, nor to bring 4 and mixing them, but to have a TO DO LIST of the suitcase.
It’s amazing, if you don’t have it, you should buy it, it saves your trip and I’ll tell you why.

At least a week before leaving, my to do list begins to appear on my desk, and remained there in an angle, and in the meantime while I’m working, once in a while I’m writing down extra things that are essentials for this trip. It does the rest. Do you know how many times I saw it when I was closing my case, thinking that it was useless and instead I forgot the hairbrush, or the charging for the phone or worse the passport in the drawer?

It happened to me several times, so for me I love lists this is amazing.

If you don’t find it you can do it on your own at the computer with your things that you carry around and that are essentials. It’ll help you, I’m sure.

At the end it’s all relative, when I travel I feel like doing it in lightness and this is enough.

And what is your perfect suitcase?

PS: After a year after this article, I decided to do my own To do Lists and I created one about the perfect suitcase, in a silver or gold version, in order to have what I need.

to do list valigia

This is the link to download the Silver “Leave with Style”:

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert