By now you know well my boundless passion for the To Do List which, in addition to being essential in my daily organization, have become an essential tool of time management because…there is a To Do List for everything!

On big request from Friday 02nd of November you can customize the To Do List with your initials.

Especially when you think (and this of course also happens to me) to have taken everything, done everything, bought, ordered etc…and then ready to check the whole list…you realize that you have forgotten something.

This modality unconsciously generates anxiety, regardless if we are “Controller” or not, while matching their day checking up is a real effective no-stress way, as some of you have already said in reference to the Shopping List, become inseparable and essential also for the must-have to keep at home.

Personally traveling a lot, they support me from the pre-suitcase phase to the time of departure, because, as you know, in addition to having to prepare ourselves for the trip, it is also essential to organize our environment: home, work, family, pets and so on.…/My-weeky-planner-gold-signed.pdf

And for those who, like me, are always in a hurry, live in the city or just want to be off stress enjoying their day with color, as a result of numerous requests from you, I decided to realize an exclusive space dedicated to the lists and at the service of personalization at a professional level.

Thanks for the great glow and enthusiasm you send me every day, you’re my daily inspiration ☺️💖

See you soon, with Style … definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert

Ps: Before the personalization service you need to buy the preferred lists to customize from this catalog:
You can find the customization service at this link: