This morning I want to tell you a story…

Everything started 2 years ago… a tube broke in Luna’s bedroom, obviously the only wall where I made her put a wonderful wallpaper, and to intervene they need to break the wall and so the paper.

I involved her to choose the new wallpaper, and here ( moms, you judge) is a double-edged sword.

It’s beautiful to involve kids at home, I’ve done it with Luna since she was little, even for the setting up of the feast tables, or even when we simply have guests… but… there’s a but!

In the moment they express and tell us what they want, often it’s not easy to please them or accommodate them.

Her choice on the new wallpaper is: a huge unicorn that flies on a rainbow.

Ehm… 2 years ago we started to see some unicorns but there wasn’t today’s merchandising. Nor a wallpaper made like that. I’ve been up, down, all over and above all I drew on my London websites where I always find everything. Well, nothing.

Since she was little, Luna has a passion for unicorns, and she collects different ones, that’s why the Unicorn Mania of summer has not gone unnoticed at home; on the contrary we are officially equity partners of the Unicorn&Unicorn (I’m obviously joking).

However, I was retreating with some other… the unicorn wasn’t there, but I surprisingly bumped into a huge sticker of a rocking horse on a carousel, always on an English website.

It’s been love at first sight for both of us.

The unicorn has been overtaken by the only sight of a stamp 3×3 of this rocking horse, on a website where there was a short description of the product and its easy installation.

So I immediately ordinated it.

We both came to Leroy Merlin where she choose the color for the background of the wall, a Languid Lavander color of Pantone, and when the huge sticker arrived we installed it in 3. Yeah, because it was bigger than me…

Pantone lilla home decor stanza dei bambini

The picture you see down here was made by Luna, it’s me on a ladder while I was sticking the last flowers on the wall.

Tired but super happy of the result.

Interior design stanza dei bambini

Working time: 1 day for the painter and 3 hours to place the sticker well.

Then there was the time for the search of it which has been infinite… I can’t quantify it, but I remember that even when I went to bed I looked for everything. But it’s totally worth it.

This is to say to not let down when you want to change things, no matter if it’s a wall, a room, a corner of a house.

Let’s involve our family, even if this implies some risks, as I showed you, surely in terms of emotional and time commitment.

But It’s another thing, living in a place we love and that every day looking at it, it returns to our needs, to what we want, to what we desired and that we looked up for it and create it together!

Well, this is priceless, maybe time, but I think there’s not better investment.

Wishing you all a special day with a lavender touch and magic in the air!

Viviana Grunert