If like me, you are a mother who works, who has passions and a family management to move forward, this article is just for you.

The return from holiday is always shattering for everyone, but here I will tell you how I manage it so that everything becomes softer and less traumatic, indeed, for some things even pleasant.

August is usually the month in which almost all people are on vacation, I’ve been on holiday too, but I dedicated a few minutes a day, or a few hours in the morning, before everyone woke up, to find inspiration for my facebook page, that never went on vacation and booked my September and October trips.

I had made the September and October planning trips with all the work events in advance and I didn’t have to book the planes/trains and the hotels, in some cases it was also necessary to buy tickets for the events and schedule job meeting.


They look like fast things to do in a very short time, but instead they take more time, and I did all this work during my holidays so I came back home in the last week of August knowing what was waiting for me, but even knowing that this part was over .

I prefer come back home a few days before restart and never Sunday for Monday in which we have to start working or that my daughter Luna has to go back to school.

After come back home I start to take back the ranks of the house, shopping and commissions dedicated entirely to Luna for her back to school. She attends an international school that begins the very first days of September.

It is also essential for her to resume the city rhythm, time are really free on holiday, and she has also to make a review of some school subjects before starting again at the right rhythm.

The first week of school is the quietest one, Luna is relaxed and happy to see her friends again and I can resume my work beat and my appointments with more flexibility…but…on the horizon, email and management of Luna’s afternoon activities begin to arrive.

Here the joints become complex, and for us mothers the tetris game becomes definitely a breeze.
Not to mention the situation that will born if our child changes all the activities as my daughter has done this year.

Go to see the schools, do the test, go to buy the necessary for every activity…in short, another scenery opens up to arrive at the end of September.

What saves me as you know are my Flower To Do List, which gives me a clear scene of things to do and scheduled by topic.

For example, Luna has his own list with the management of her activities. People and places that I have to contact, and the things that I miss to do, including things that are pending as backpack ordered by Amazon on that date and arrival on that date.

Try as much as possible to write and rifle your mind every day.

Help yourself online. There are many things that you can find on internet right now, even better than the stores near the house, and for me Amazon is one of my best friends.

Look for suppliers with home delivery, you can call them, make the order and they deliver you home the same day, I do so with the greengrocer, the laundry etc..

Working at home I manage many things from here, even I often make the hairdresser come home at the times when it is more convenient, especially when I have full days and I have to leave the day after. It ‘s true that making a hair fold is fast, but in a city like Rome, it is never less than 2 hours for the return home, instead I can work on the computer leaving the hair management to someone else. Busy yes, but I always look for time to make a mask and keep in order between one trip and another.

Organization is essential to ensure that not only everything is managed, but within the established time frame.

What is never lacking are the unexpected, and I usually always try to have a psychological openness for this, because I believe in the law of Murphy, and anyway…we are mothers, wives and workers and that’s ok, but we also can ask a little help to others, or an exchange of favors to a friend, we can do this, it isn’t the end of the world. Ask us will only make us look a little more human…nothing more.

So, don’t overload ourselves to be always on Top, through the years I’ve learned that the most important thing for me is to feel good about myself and not be perfect in the eyes of others and this has contributed to my management of time and my balance. Today I can say that I feel really good and I bring a large dose of positivity both in my life and in that of my family, which is also reflected in cascade with others.

Sometimes it seems a race of commitments between friends, but at the end we can all find one hour for a light lunch, it’s just a matter of will, and how we want to take life. For me, my friends are important and I always get time for them, therefore it is also important to surround yourself with people who are more similar to us as values ​​and interests. Time is short, so let’s use it to feel good.

The advice is to work on personal priorities, and from there reorganize our diary according to everything else.

I help myself with the lists, I will report you what I use for today’s topic:

The Weekly Planner:


The super Mum:


The Shopping List:


My To Do List:


These are the essentials to use daily, all with my Style and flowers.

Viviana Grunert