Good morning and good Sunday!

This morning I want to discuss with you about how taking care of décor can transform an ordinary place in a successful place.

Do you know which is the most instagrammed place of London?

I found it for you and also for me. By the way, for my next trip to London I’m planning where I can go and visit, entertain ourselves and have a gorgeous relax time. That’s at the top of the list.

It’s an amazing ware called “Biscuiteers”.

What makes it so famous? And why am I talking to you about this right now?

Because it’s so interesting to find out that in traditional marketing, you can be the best pastry with the best cookies in the world but if no one comes to your store you’ll cannot sell anything and your business will have failed.

In this shop the face of décor has been the point of success, people first go there to take a picture of the side and then they come into the store for a cup of tea with a few biscuits and chocolates. If they spend a good time they’ll talk to others. This process develops the most powerful way for your activity to become famous, the power of mouth!

Also the website is very nice and tidy, therefore it won the Website Prize of 2017!

On top you have to take care of everything, offline and online which nowadays it’s a great business card, even more than the power of mouth.

Anyway…happy to have found my floral biscuits, I wish you a Sunday of sweetness!

See you next time… with my Style..and definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert