Hello September!

September is one of my favorite months, it marks a real rebirth for me, and I could easily call it a beginning of the year.

I go back to work with great power, after the summer holidays, at home a new rhythm is recovered and Luna will return to school soon, starting a new year and new adventures.

There is enthusiasm in the air, answers that must arrive, and trips that have already been scheduled and booked.

It will be a September full of events, a September that at the beginning of the month will see me very concentrated and that will amaze me for half a month and I can’t wait for this to happen.

The climate starts to be cooler and more pleasant, but we can still spend our lunches on the terrace with family and friends enjoying the beautiful September days taking up the rhythm slowly.

I’ve already done my September planning and I like it very much, let’s always try to do what you like with enthusiasm and you will not feel the return syndrome which many speak about.

The secret remains the organization and also breaking up the big objectives into daily and weekly goals, so as not to feel them insurmountable.

The mistake of many people is procrastinating. Be careful, because it can become a real trap and make you feel more stressed.


For the daily organization having clear the schedule of the week I use the Weekly planner, that you can find at this link:


And what about you? How do you organize the week?

Have a good beginning and welcome September…with Style…definitely yours! 📝💼

Viviana Grunert