Today June 1st 2018, a year of this new sharing adventure here on my Blog and also on my official Instagram and Facebook pages which really enjoyed me and allowed me to meet new and inspiring people.

A year that amazed me for the results. Until today, more than 31.100 people read my Facebook page where I post continuous inspiration almost every day…my page is such an incredible result for me and I want to say…WOW! Thank you so much to everyone of you!

It’s been a year since I decided to start this project that I’ve dreamed it for a long time. I still felt that the blog wasn’t ready as my perfectionism made me delay on a fundamental step that I wanted to do: inspire people with new trends for the home and with special details for everyone.

Entering the homes of people who love their homes but do not often have time to make some improvements, or think that it need great investments to change the appearance of a room, or simply of a textile. I can let them see that it doesn’t take so much, just have clear ideas and put on our own Style.

I really enjoyed sharing with you a few moments of my days and of my relaxing and even inspirational travels…inspiration is essential in what I do, and traveling helps me to discover new realities that I can apply daily, so I can pass and transmit them to you too.

I’m celebrating this year, or better, this birthday, with 2 projects that I’m working on and I that would like to realize really soon. I thought about them last Monday and I’m already developing them with a team of people that are helping me to evolve my ideas and make them concrete. Let me see…I guess I have so many things to do but I’m sure that I’m on the right way…after a year I keep an evolution, so I go ahead and can’t wait to know what do you think about it…😍

Meanwhile, from now it will be a new profile pic that is the one that you have chosen by voting in both Instagram and Facebook stories a few days ago, because there’s nothing more amazing than the interaction with all of you that recommend and encourage me to always be the best version of myself!

I say really thank you to all of you! 😍

Viviana Grunert