Today I want to tell you a story of an entrepreneur…who repeatedly had to redesign her life and her work based on changes owing to events, until the wonderful news that she would become a mom.

From that moment, as a well-established career woman has further got involved herself to manage her life and ’find the time’ to be both a career mom and being also able to afford the great luxury of working and at the same time raising well her daughter.

However, after several years, she realizes that her work doesn’t thrill her so much, it no longer makes her wake up at dawn full of power, so…throught her interior designer’s experience, in a few time she decides to open a Blog about her great passions: house, design, inspirations and lifestyle of a mother, all with flowers, the element that never fails in her life, which gives her great energy.

On June 1st, 2017 the blog and the public Facebook page were born and she never would have expected so many people to be interested in her interests and in how she presented them.

After a year of blog and social media, in June 2018 she decided to open a TO DO List Online Boutique strictly for flowers aimed at best time management, addressed to mothers and women who work and who need valid tools to manage stress and primarily don’t give up their dreams and goals.

Therefore, another great inspiration…given the numbers of the blog, increasingly growing, in the same June 2018 developed the idea of an English version of her blog, giving also a great welcome to this new adventure.

Today, September 5th, 2018, after only 2 months, summer months by the way, has achieved her 2 major objectives:
the online Boutique is on Etsy since July and today…her Blog is finally online also in English.

Really glad and with no more words to add the message that she wants to send to all of you is:
when you have a strong, real goal, in which you believe and that doesn’t make you sleep at night, if it is well scheduled and planned, you will definitely achieve it, without ifs or buts.

You have to believe in it, never give up and visualize the deadline as a day to celebrate…to celebrate you!

The gratitude for everyone who have agreed to work with her is really immense and today another brick adds to her growth.

There are no miracles…this summer, of which almost 3 months on holiday away from home, she turned the computer on and worked every day.

There was no day without checking a list or added a new idea for the work to be developed and, even though to many, if not most, everything will seem little and trivial, I want to add that her was a family vacation, to the sea, in the mountains, in Paris…so there would be many excuses and distractions, but who really believes in something doesn’t tell excuses to himself, but only looks at the result and has his deadline focus on every day: September 5th, 2018.

Today, September 5th 2018, I’m so proud to introduce you:

With love and gratitude,

Viviana Grunert