As Picasso said one day in front of Frida’s husband: neither you nor I know how to paint a head like Frida Kahlo.

                 From February the 1st to the 3rd of June at Mudec there is going to be an exhibition entitled:

                                               “Frida Kahlo: beyond the myth”.

An exposition which aimes to go beyond the legend that has been created around the life of the artist, as the title says, looking into the poetry.

In April I will go to Mudec in Milan to see this new reading of the artist and I’ll tell you my personal sensations; for the first time in the exhibition it will be show all her unpublished material found.

A gallery achieved in 6 years of work and research.

Frida Kahlo is a character that has always fascinated and inspired me, like the great women of the past that I’ve pleasantly found in a simplified reading in the book: “Goodnight stories for rebel little girls”, a beautiful book I gave to Luna a long time ago and that we often read together in the evening.

A very strong but also tiny woman, she risked her life twice. She became crippled with strong back pains, but she didn’t stop from filling her house and her life of colors.

For the months spent in bed she had a stand built to paint in that position and when she got to get up she went to meet the most famous Mexican artist to show him her paintings.

He, Diego Rivera, immediately fell in love with her and they got married.

She had a life tormented by physical pains, but she lived it fully and this shines through her works.

Her iconic style has come up, enough to be taken up both in fashion and in Home Décor.

A lot of accessories and objects not only depict her but resumes her folkloric Mexican style, Naif and Boho, also colorful and eccentric.

Another thing that amazed me reading through the documents about her story was her passion for botanic; Frida personally took care of the plants and the garden of the house, so much to be considered one of her work.

Modern, contemporary and avant-garde, she’s also famous for her phrases. One of my favorites, where the full force is: “ Feet, what do I need for if I have wings to fly?”

Viviana Grunert