Good morning and good Sunday!

Here in Rome it’s rainy and the weather is not willing to stop. This is the reason why I need to think that Spring is coming in a week and in just two weeks it will be Easter!

The image I chose to represent all this is the amazing Mise en Place by Casadeperrin. I found it gorgeous!

As I mentioned during Christmas time, gold on the the table is not passing through so, if you like it and adapts to your style, I recommend you to buy some golden silverware and you will not regret it.

I took them satin gold and I’ve already used them a lot. Unlike what you might think they are easily to match almost with everything and they have the power to make a total white table super-shiny!

Our grannies’ plates will do the rest with flowers and flowers to garnish.

Pastel colors for our spring table and even for Easter we’ll reconcile everyone, adding some eggs here and there and some bunnies if there are children.

I like the style adapted to the ones who live it… so no plaster tables and only free way to your personalization.

The placeholders remain an essential must, this isn’t a formal detail for me. Especially in this case it can be left as a chore for the children in order to add a tender touch even more personalized for our table. I guess that in every familiar recurrence they need an active role, in my family this is always a good idea.

If the weather’s good, which we all hope, and you have an open space, you can adorn your table with plants and flowers of your garden.

The handmade always adds points to the homeowner, which makes receiving guests her best convivial and happy moment.

Adorning the table is not difficult, even a simple ivy flowing on the table with a bunch of daisies here and there can create an amazing effect.

I suggest some free tutorials about it, you can find them online!

And then there is the menu… that is not less important.

But remember: As soon as your guest arrives, he’ll look at the table and then sit down to eat.

Have a good Sunday with our details of style!

Pic by Casa de Perrin

Viviana Grunert