It’s been an intense and extraordinary “Salone del Mobile” and I definitely call it the event of the year, not only for the insiders.

I arrived in Milan on Thursday, came back to Rome on Sunday night and I didn’t stop for a moment.

The city, more alive than ever, welcomes this great event as if it were a continuous party.

Open up the gates and the interior of the historic buildings, they’re ready to show in their best beauty and even more with installations of any kind.

Viviana Grunert Salone del design

The day is fully dedicated to the salon and the “fuorisalone”, which are Milan districts dedicated to the design and actual artists where a lot of new designers have the possibility to express theirselves freely in spaces that themselves build like they are.

The “fuorisalone” hosts successful designers who are ready to surprise us year by year that install real works of art or multifunctional spaces. This year my favorite was the one made by Cappellini situated in via Tortona in which have designed and installed, with the best worldwide designers, a Superloft.

Evenings are fully dedicated to parties and events all night long, music and food get married in this city who becomes even more energetic than it already is, the climate is friendly and the only possible complaint is that it’s so hard to find a taxi during the main hours of the day.

I enjoyed it a lot and I’ve made for you some Moodboards in which I will tell you about myself, about this 4 days where I stopped just to eat and relish some good food with my husband who has not only accompanied me, but he enjoyed himself as much as me, becoming in these last years a passionate of design too.

Viviana Grunert Fuorisalone 2018

Design Week is the classic event that makes me come back home not just full of inspirations but also of great energy and love for Milan, because it’s not easy to contain that flow of people and manage it and every year it amazes me because even though events increase, the city contains them as if they had always been there.

But back to it, I completely dedicated Friday to the “Salone del Mobile” in Rho, and what are his distinguishing marks? Surely the colors I always talk about on my Facebook page are confirmed among the major proposals of the interior and I made a palette to propose them to you all together.

The pink is the peak color, unequivocal, some places are total pink  and you can’t wait to stop and be shrouded by this relaxing and muffled cloud of color. Some big companies loved this trend and proposed things starting from pink classic armchairs, to velvet sofas of every size and shape, as well as outdoor furniture,  which are amazing I would say… and I’ll be ready to post them next time!

design week tendenza rosa

The other color is the Green wood, very used, not only for the furniture but also as a color for the walls or as a background of numerous Wallpapers, very trendy and capable of upset every indoor, changing the scenery like a movie.

Among the proposal of decisive and intense colors of this Design Week there’s the green-teal. These colors are inserted with other grey components, and also grey is reintroduced in hundreds of shades, but it’s not like the past where grey was the dominant color of the houses, do you remember?

At the proposal they use pastel colors, but none of them stands out like these previous 4 colors which are the masters of 2018.

Gold is the protagonist of the enlightenment , of the supplement of furniture and often of the chair’s establishments, armchair, sofas and tables of all kind. Everything you want you can find it in gold, from the mirrors to the tables in white marble with golden feet, to the kitchens with golden cape and chandeliers. Also in the bathroom taps and fittings are gold, shiny, satin and golden-rose.

Gold is inserted with a minimal structure, often mesh or knitted, and it fits in the modern environments warming them up, maybe in those places  who saw white for so long creating a series of houses looking all similar from which nowdays we want to move away, with a touch of “Shine”.

Viviana Grunert alla design week

I like this trend, because it marks the assessment of a new style that I think has more personality.

The key stands of the Salon are surely the ones dedicated to “Eurocucina” 2018, 4 pavilions that are set up every 2 years and where the most important international brands present their news that we’ll find in the next years. The unquestioned protagonist of Eurocucina has been the Island put in the center of the room and often monolithic. The ones that I find interesting are in white marble and they are in treated oak. Some of them hide surprises inside them, in their stern and minimal look, and others close in themselves making slide an extractable deck which hides the sink and the stove, often auto-aspiring so that they don’t need a cape, in order to add a large table to eat in the room. Kitchens are actual design’s objects, and they perfectly insert themselves with the rest of the house, indeed they want to go back to being the core of it, being part of the living and integrating with it as chromatic and technologic materials and details.

The materials are natural as stones, woods, leather and the textiles are manufactured but just to have more benefits and less wear during the use of it, as much as the velvet which go back to predominating sofas and armchairs. The newest velvets often require a quicker maintenance, even better of other textiles that seems easier to handle. The house is beautiful, but also efficient with an infinite offer. Just yesterday I wrote about this argument, that today in the Interior design, we just need fantasy… for everything else there are some innovative and original solutions to create a house unique and full of style, as we like!

Wishing  you a wonderful day until next time… with Style! Yours!

Viviana Grunert