I introduce you Simona Brusa, my lovely friend that deals with contemporary art, and that she will inaugurate here in Rome 21 November a display entitled “BOTANICUM. AMONG PAINT, NATURE AND DESIGN” in collaboration with Oltre il giardino Varese.

Considering the theme, I asked her an exclusive interview for my Blog, which is perfectly on topic.

Simona, are you thrilled?

Well, I would rather talk about adrenaline. Every time we put ourselves out there is a challenge with ourselves, you don’t know whether what you propose and what you strongly believe in will be able to intercept the preference of the public. 

What are you exactly proposing?

I didn’t think about the customary monographic gallery of an artist. Instead, I wanted to work around a theme, nature, seen through different types of creative elaboration. I pull over a roman nationally renowned  painter that made of colors and nature the heart of his stylistic research, next to a turinese designer that makes original silicon floral vase and twentieth-century Murano glass that reproduce colorful succulents, corals and other images of the vegetal world.

Which public do you address to?

I have in mind not only contemporary art collectors, traditionally interested in pictorial and sculptural works, but also to an audience aware on the taste and finesse, that looks for art objects that can enrich the esthetic of their house or that they can give to their friends and family. Christmas is closer…

Do you have a favorite piece for this display?

Not actually. Every piece is an outcome of a thoughtful choice that aims to create an odd mix but consistent. The little handmade compositions made with dehydrated rose petals  made by “Oltre il Giardino Varese”, the multicolor glassed and the floral vases which are always reinterpreted, the paintings where the vegetal world reaffirm through exasperated colors, have a common denominator: nature interpreted by art never stops to impress the sight as much as the touch.

Off the record, I have two favorite pieces of the collection that I can’t wait to see live, they are in accordance with my house and my floral style.

Where does the event takes place and when?

Tuesday 21 November, from 18.00, at the Hotel Villa Maria Regina, via della Camilluccia 687.

The gallery will continue until Saturday 25 November, from 11.00-20.00.

Well, thank you Simona, for the invite to my readers, I’m sure it will be another success for you!

Good luck!

Me and my family will be at the show 21 November from 18 and we’ll be waiting for you to know us better and to spend a pleasant moment in front of unique pieces.

See you soon,

Viviana Grunert