This article is dedicated to everything I found in Mauritius, and I incredibly found in this island a summing up of everything I created until now for you on my blog.

A summing up of almost my Boards is concentrated here.

I put some pictures I personally took and that are part of my travel diary.

There are beautiful and colorful flowers, the Flamingos that were out of my bedroom’s window, the Jungle given from the palm leaves and the savage nature.

A white party, color of my summer 2017 which returns punctual in this holiday.

Maybe for this reason, it is an island that remained in my heart, I found in it recurrent a motive of my décor, of my Inspiration Board and it was awesome to find all of it in this nature.

While I was there I promised myself to do 2 articles, one dedicated to the trip itself and this one of Inspiration that makes you breathe the nature of this island which we can bring in the inside decors.

And which of these styles do you like more for your beach house?

Floral, Jungle, Flamingo or White?

Viviana Grunert